A quote from pages 29-31 of Cole’s publication Hobbies is featured on the home page providing insights into Cole’s way of thinking and motivations in life. The publication includes 128 … portraits of the great men and women mentioned throughout. The front cover of the 95 page publication appears at left.

In addition to the stand alone publication, the content with all 128 portraits is also included in Selected Works Part II as item 1.

The contents of Selected Works Part II are:
1. Hobbies
2. Essay on Thought
3. Woman Our Angel
4. Evils of the Drink Traffic.

The full 106MB 373 page publication (digitised by NLA – cdc-10739074) is available here with Hobbies on pages 7-105. As with many Cole publications, page numbering restarts for each item.

Hobbies has also been transcribed (including portraits) and the 43MB 28 page .pdf is available here.

The same publication also appears in Cole’s Cosmopolitan Reasoner on pages 215-223 under the title Hobby Land but without the portraits. The 9 page 27MB .pdf is available here.

By way of interest, on page 43, Cole says:

… some of the most famous men who have, in nearly every case, changed their occupation and become great through following their Hobbies:–
… Chaucer was a schoolmaster
… Shakespeare was a woolcomber and a schoolmaster
… Burns was a ploughman
… Bunyan was a tinker
… Captain Cook was a labourer
… Faraday was a book-binder
… Wordsworth was a lawyer

Typical page layout of Hobbies including 6 of the 128 … portraits of the great men and women mentioned throughout.