Post 1852 – Way Back When

Research Report: E W Cole

by Way Back When, Consulting Historians

This Research Report picks up on Cole’s life where the previous report, EW Cole: The Early Years ends, with the arrival of Cole in Melbourne on 12 November 1852 aboard the Sebim. It covers Cole’s life in Australia, posthumous continuation of the Arcade and his lasting legacy and comprises an initial 217 page report plus a 14 page addendum with 131 illustrations and 690 footnotes. Like the earlier Mendes report, it is for research purposes only, and not for publication. Some images may be subject to copyright. This report can be made available as an online download to interested researchers, after undertakings are given regarding copyright protection and the private nature of the report. If interested, please make contact via the Contact Page.

Please also refer to the Chronology section where 438 items are arranged in date order and provide supporting documentation. All these items are freely available for viewing or download.

The contents of the Research Report are divided into the following 29 headings:

  1.    Gold
  2.   Murray River Trip
  3.    Early Publications and Eastern Market Stall
  4.    Cole’s Cheap Book Arcade
  5.    Eastern Market
  6.    The New Cole’s Book Arcade
  7.    Advertisement for a Wife
  8.    A Happy Home
  9.    The Rainbow
  10.    The Arcade Band
  11.    Monkeyland
  12.    Interstate Branches
  13.    The Melbourne Context
  14.    Significant Visitors
  15.    Notable Employees
  16.    Employee Experiences and Working Conditions
  17.    Labour Rights
  18.    Support for Bold Women
  19.    Travel to Europe
  20.    Japan Trip
  21.    Cole’s Compilations
  22.    Radical Publications and Censorship
  23.    Advertising
  24.    Medals
  25.    Philanthropy
  26.    Earlesbrae
  27.    Cole’s Death
  28.    Sale of the Arcade
  29.    Remembering Cole
  30.    Additional Research

Writer:Way Back When Consulting Historians

Pages:Main Report 217 pages, Addendum 14 pages

Year:Main Report July 2019, Addendum November 2019