2020 Broinowski

Under the Rainbow

The Life and Times of EW Cole
by Richard Broinowski

Published September, 2020. This work was commissioned by the EW Cole Foundation.


    1. Life in Kent
    2. Cape without hope
    3. Early Melbourne and the goldfields
    4. Voyage down the Murray
    5. Poverty and heresy
    6. The art of self-promotion, or How to sell books
    7. Cole’s Funny Picture Book
    8. Cole’s Book Arcade: Triumphs of marketing
    9. Growth and consolidation
    10. Education, loss and grief
    11. The first Great Depression
    12. Cole and White Australia
    13. Cole goes to Japan
    14. Losing control
    15. Flight of fancy
    16. The end of inspiration


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There are 35 errata in the first print run and details are contained in this .pdf.



Writer:Richard Broinowski

Publisher:The Miegunyah Press

Printer:An imprint of Melbourne University Publishing Limited

Pages:307, 25cm x 20.5cm


Format:Hardback 9780522876222 and Ebook 9780522876239